Leading The Industry with The Latest In Cutting Edge LED Technology

Mobile UVC LED Air Purifier & Disinfector

NEW UVC LED Air Purifier and Disinfector you can take anywhere. Using a Type C USB port for charging, this device is perfect for your car, bedroom, or office.

Guardian Storm Light Antiviral LED Panel

NEW This Anti virus LED panel Four-layer filter structure can effectively eliminate harmful gases such as indoor harmful bacteria, virus and formaldehyde. This latest LED panel with air circulation works as a regular LED panel light during disinfection with the nanosilver and titanium dioxide!

UV LED Lights

UltraViolet (UV) LED

NEW LEDpac patented UV-C XLP Microbe inactivator with close-surface handheld wand technology. Eradicate Covid-19 in seconds at the push of a button.

Solar Powered LED Lights

Solar Powered LED

NEW HiP solar LED illumination breakthrough with bright reliable adjustable illumination, powered by the sun. Lighting the darkness through the night using super-efficient white LEDs.

Spider COB LED Growlights Lights

Spider COB LED Growlights

NEW Spider RB LED Grow light systems, allowing the best color spectrum closest to the sun. Plants grow stronger faster night and day indoors.


NEW COB Innovation in linear LED lighting, NANOlite. Continuous, bright, reliable LED illumination through entire product. Pure white or warm white with continuous illumination LED technology.

UV-C LED Water Disinfectant

COMING SOON Watch for the new HiP UV-C ultraviolet water disinfectant purification system. (Coming 2021) eradicating most viruses including Covid- 19! This compact system will be charged by the sun and or generated low voltage energy. Portable and smart water disinfection in record-breaking time.

222NM Far UVC Lights

COMING SOON Watch for the new 222NM Far UV-C LED Light system. (Coming 2021)

Motion sensor LEDs


SMART RB LEDS attached to motion sensors inside custom fixtures that follow your moment fast or slow changing colors at the same time. This technology is one of our staple systems, allowing many technical options for many future availability’s.

Premium outdoor LED solutions

Premium LED Landscape Solution

Perfect continuous LED illumination solutions using NANOlite COB linear systems.

Indoor LED solutions for entryways, hallways, stairwells, and more

LEDpac LED Illumination Projects

LEDpac's RETROfit solutions for both low and high ceiling downlighting designed for entryways, hallways, stairwells, kitchens, home movie theatres, studios, game rooms and more.

NANOlite COB Indoor Lighting

NANOlite COB Indoor LED Lighting

Chip-on-Board LEDs, also known as COBs, are the next and newest generation of LED technology for indoor lighting.

Exterior LED Lighting


Premium low-voltage high-lumen LED solutions for submersible and above grade outdoor landscape applications such as: fountains, ponds, reflecting pools, outdoor step-lighting, patio bar counters, exterior architectural features and more.

Interior LED Illumination

Interior LED illumination

LEDpac's Linear and Flexible solutions give premium long-living light to architectural features, soffits, step lighting, bar counters, built-in cabinetry, and more.

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