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100 Lumens per Watt LED Troffer…

LEDpac delivers over 100 lumens per Watt to customers with its new RETROtrac Troffer system...


LEDpac's high-output premium LED RGB lighting solutions for both commercial and residential applications such as: holiday lights, backlit countertops, built-in cabinetry, cove lights, architectural features, signage, retail window displays, building profiling, and other unique applications.

RGB Wi-Fi controllers

RGB Wi-Fi controllers design to be controlled through you I phone and or Android phone

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Audio Remote RGB Controller

LEDpac’s dimmable audio remote for premium quality LEDpac LEDs. With standard 1/8“ jack for audio input – the music makes LEDpac’s high-output RGBs come alive.

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Remote RGB Controller

LEDpac’s premier dimmable remote LED RGB controller with literally hundreds of color variations in stationary, quick change or slow fade operation.

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Manual RGB Controller

LEDpac’s most popular dimmable standard LED RGB controller with a range of programs and optional speeds for indoor or outdoor use.

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MICROlite RGB Light Strip

High-output, flexible, micro ribbon-style color mixing LED capable of producing literally hundreds of color combinations with LEDpac controllers.

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