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100 Lumens per Watt LED Troffer…

LEDpac delivers over 100 lumens per Watt to customers with its new RETROtrac Troffer system...


SNAPtrac XLP – High Output Light Strip

LEDpac's premium, digitally controllable LED lights radically influence the human experience of environment, merchandise, food and more. Jewelry sparkles, food looks more enticing, and most important – people working in commercial environments feel better and get more accomplished. LEDpac's commercial solutions make all this happen. Best of all – our LED products will ensure a return on your lighting investment – reduced energy consumption, low maintenance and a long, very long life-time of light.    


Custom Homes LED lighting

For Soup Plantation we custom color-matched the light to make vegetables "pop." The result – the water mist sparkled and the salad bar made people hungry...

Linear & Flexible Products

An independent study was conducted of the impact of LEDpac lighting in Costco Jewelry Cases. The result - a significant increase in sales of high-end diamonds in just a few weeks… 

Linear & Flexible Products

For Electroland LLC and the Indianapolis Airport we supplied 46 linear meters of computer controlled interactive LEDs displaying a range of colors. The result - "An intelligent and playful behavior of light."

Linear & Flexible Products

Exterior/Outdoor Lighting    

Carnival Cruise Lines needed flexibility and custom color-matching LED …we delivered with 10,000 downlights at 50w per light on a smart system with 0-100% dimmability and beautiful smooth light with consistent low-voltage LEDs…

RETROfit Products

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