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100 Lumens per Watt LED Troffer…

LEDpac delivers over 100 lumens per Watt to customers with its new RETROtrac Troffer system...


LEDpac's high-output premium LED retrofit solutions for MR16, PAR 20-30-38 lamps, BR 20-30 bulbs, Candelabras and LED T8 fluorescent lights. Highest quality LEDs, superior thermal management, engineered to replace energy-wasting incandescent and mercury-laden florescent bulbs for both residential and commercial lighting applications.

RETROfit LED Candelabra

3.5W LED Candelabra bulbs replace 20W incandescent bulbs with high-output, color-matched LEDs.

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LED Candelabra

3.5W LED Candelabra “bulb” replaces 20W incandescent with high-output, color-matched LED in white/warm white. Standard candelabra bulb shape with E12 or E14 screw base. 360º light distribution.

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